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Port Logan

port logan

Port Logan used to be named Port Nessock means 'inlet of the noses' - in other words the bay between two headlands. The headlands referred to are the Mull of Logan and Cairnwellan Head. Port Logan's modern name comes from local estate Logan House and Logan itself means 'hollow' (referring to the enclosed area the house inhabits). The village's claim to fame is being featured on the BBC's 2001 series Two Thousand Acres of Sky and this alone attracts many visitors. Port Logan's harbour was constructed between 1818 and 1822 to try and gather more trade than Portpatrick, however Andrew MacDouall's plan failed and the village remained a fishing village, as it still is today. The quay and lighthouse were designed by Thomas Telford in the 1830s.


Don't Miss This in Port Logan...

  • Logan Botanic Gardens - set up in 1900, this is one of the finest of all the magnificent gardens in the Rhins and probably the most well known, due to it's collection of tropical plants. Logan Botanic Gardens also includes a walled garden, woodland walks, a bog garden, discovery centre, cafe and botanical shop. You can also take in the stunning views of the surrounding area from the gardens.
  • Logan House Garden - centred around Logan House, as the name suggests, this 2 acre garden dates from the 1870s and, although separate from the Botanic Gardens, also boasts plants gathered from across the planet. Woodland walk. The gardens had overgrown but were restored to their former glory in 2001.
  • Logan Fish Pond - Under New Management since 2016. possibly the world's oldest marine life centre. Open 7 days a week, 10am-5pm. Victorian fish pond originally used as a larder for the local estate but now a top visitor attraction.
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