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Sandhead's name is quite literal - the upper end of Luce Sands. The beach itself stretches for over 3 miles at low tide so it is no wonder that the village is named after it. There is parking right by the beach, so a great place to have a picnic beforing walking on the beach. As in many local villages the main employer was once the creamery but modern farming saw the closure of such places and the site is now flats. There was other activity in Sandhead though when the village was used for bringing in coal and lime.


Nearby Places to Visit...

  • Kirkmadrine Church & Stones - this isolated church houses and displays some of Britain's earliest and (historically) most important Christian Stones - dating from around 500 AD! In their glass display cabinet, there are other stones from the 8th to the 12th centuries as well as information boards giving more history about the stones and the meanings of the inscriptions.
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