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The name Stoneykirk is said to come from the Scandinavian steinna akr meaning 'stoney field' and this is thought to refer to the fields owned by High and Low Ardwell farms. This seems doubtful in my mind though, as surely it refers to the village kirk - 'stoney church'? Other writers agree with the church reference, but that it may come from St Stephen's Kirk. The original church was built sometime between the 12th and 14th centuries. The church was rebuilt in 1827 and still stands today, though has been unused since 1988. The tower holds a bell featuring the Glasgow coat of arms and was made by a Dutchman in the mid 1600s. Just a hundred yards down the A716 from Stoneykirk you may notice the remains of an old windmill dating from 1900.


Nearby Places to Visit...

  • West Freugh RAF Station - probably not a good place to visit but I thought I would point it out so you could avoid it! Aircraft operating from the base carry out bombing practise in Luce Bay (notice the danger area on your OS map!).
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