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About the Rhins of Dumfries and Galloway

Where are the Rhins?

The Rhins or Rhinns of Galloway are in the most South Western corner of Scotland, part of Dumfries & Galloway in the district of Wigtownshire.

What are the Rhins?

The name Rhins comes from the Gaelic Na Rannaibh, meaning 'points' or 'headlands'. North to South, the Rhins of Galloway run from Milleur Point (near Kirkcolm) to the Mull of Galloway - the most Southerly point in Scotland! However, there is some dispute over how far East the region extends - it used to be just the headlands and Stranraer area that were regarded as the Rhins until it was decided the Parish of Inch should be included. For the purposes of this website I have used the DG9 postcode as the boundary line (you can see this rough boundary on the towns and villages map). Settlements in the region include the town of Stranraer as well as the villages of Cairnryan, Kirkcolm, Leswalt, Portpatrick, Dunragit, Drummore, Port Logan, Sandhead, Stoneykirk, Ardwell and Castle Kennedy.


What makes the Rhins special?

The Rhins is a quiet area of Scotland largely forgotten by the Scottish tourist board yet the area boasts some of Scotlands most stunning scenery with a much milder climate. In fact, the climate is so mild that tropical plants such as palm trees can be grown here, much like those at Tresco on the Isles of Scilly. So don't let anyone tell you Scotland is too cold to visit - it isn't here (well not that cold)!

Why should I visit the Rhins?

The Rhins is so rich in wildlife and so beautiful in it's landscapes that it is no wonder that photographers, artists, wildlife lovers, birdwatchers, walkers and alike love this area of Dumfries and Galloway. The Rhins is a peaceful, tranquil region in Scotland and the ultimate 'getaway' from busy modern life. It's an area that's also rich in history, from Iron Age forts to Castles and remains of World War II activity. Many people stay in the area as a stopover on the way to Larne or Belfast from Cairnryan or Stranraer respectively.

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